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Leisure Batteries

Leisure batteries are not car batteries, they are specially desigined to slowly release their power at a steady rate over several hours ensuring your vital energy requirements such as fridges and lighting are continually supplied. Car batteries won't do that as they are desigined for a big power delivery to start the engine and then be topped back up with charge from the engine. 

We can supply leisure batteries 

From £59.99

Power Packs

Power Packs are a jump start in a box


From £139.00

Laser Tools

Laser Tools

Sealey Hand Tools

Sealey has been designing and making hight quality tools for many years, no matter how awkward the access or how complext the job is Sealey have a tool to make the task easier and quicker saving you time and money.Sealey tools

Booster Packs

Sealey have a range of booster packs for those emergancy jump starts or for when your fault finding and the cars own battery can't go the distance. road start

From £89.99